Elderberry Cuttings


Our berries are grown on our seven acre property on Muscongus Bay in midcoast Maine. 

In addition to fresh and fresh frozen berries we have made other products including elderberry and aronia syrups and blends as well as elderberry cuttings for you to plant. 

Check with us for a list of retailers and wholesale pricing.

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       Aronia Berries



Elderberries have been grown and consumed around the world for centuries. The flowers are dried and made into teas, syrups and liquors and the berries can be used in pies, syrups and wines. Elderberry has demonstrated antiviral properties making it especially effective in reducing the severity and duration of colds and flu (Zakay-Rones 1995, 2004).  *Note that elderberries must be cooked before consuming.


Aronia (black chokeberry)

Aronia is not well known in the US but is very common in eastern Europe.  Aronia is considered to be the most healthful fruit or super fruit in the world (see the Wikipedia page on Aronia). The berries can be used fresh or dried in baked goods or in syrups and cordials.  We love the flavor palate of this amazing fruit and prefer aronia syrup to elderberry.

Honeyberry (haskap)

Honeyberries are grown primarily in Japan, Russia and Canada. These berries contain several polyphenol compounds.   Unlike our other berries these may be enjoyed right off the vine. They are sweet and delicious and do not need to be sweetened or processed before eating.  The skin is thin and the berries almost melt in you mouth.  The flavor is like a blackberry/cherry/grape/kiwi blend.  They are also used in syrup and wines.


While Raspberries do not have all the health benefits of our darker berries they are still high in antioxidants and taste wonderful.


We sell all our berries in one pound fresh frozen bags.  Please contact us for pricing.

We are working on other products too.  Please contact us with questions or suggestions.

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