Available Products

We sell to retail outlets, to bulk customers and directly.  Check your local health food store or food co-op for our products.


Berries - Packaged Fresh Frozen in 1 pound bags

Elderberry Cuttings (5 pack) - Sold out for this year.  Next available in the spring - Look for them at Rising Tide Coop in Damariscotta, Fresh Off the Farm in Rockport and the Good Tern Coop in Rockland.

Bulk Sales:


Berries packaged and boxed fresh frozen in 20 to 40 lb bags to your needs.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Direct Sales:

Waldoberry Farm Aronia Extract - 16 oz bottle, $35 - Limited quantities available.  Contact us.

Waldoberry Farm Soothing Tea - 3oz bag, $15 - Limited quantities available.  Contact us.

We are working on additional products.  We are looking forward to a great 2021 harvest.  Let us know if you are interested in reserving some of our crop. 

Berry Availability:

Aronia Berries - Available Now!!!  Order soon, last year sold out!

Honeyberries (Haskap) - Available now.  Contact us.

Red Raspberries - Available Now.  Order soon, last year sold out!

Cornelian Cherries - Not available this year.

     Honeyberries (Haskap)

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